5 Newsletters Every Newsletter Creator Should Join

Starting a newsletter is much like stumbling in the dark.

There’s a lot of resources: templates, writing guides, growth hacks, etc. Many of which are not even written by experts of the industry.

Whether you are a beginner or experienced newsletter creator, you need a few trusted sources to keep yourself updated and uplevel your game.

So in this post, I’ll share with you top 5 weekly newsletters about growing a newsletter.

Each of these will teach you to:

  • Write more engaging content.
  • Grow your audience.
  • Get paid writing a newsletter.

👉 If you like a quick tour, check out my Tweet thread of 5 best newsletters for newsletter creators.

Why weekly newsletter?

First, a weekly newsletter deliver to your inbox once a week.

If you’re a curator, chances are your inbox is already flooded with many newsletters in your niche.

A weekly newsletter will keep your inbox clean and provide a regular dose of inspiration. This also avoids you piling them up without reading.

But why only 5?

As the saying goes “Too many cooks spoil the soup”. There’s a danger of consuming too many ideas and get lost.

So I recommend you subscribe to 2 or 3 newsletters on the list. (Only subscribe to all 5 if you have few newsletters in your inbox and your target audience is the creators).

All in all, embrace this principle:

An ounce of action is worth a ton of theory.

Consume less, take good note, then bring the idea to action.

Without further ado, here are the top 5 newsletters every newsletter creator shoul subscribe to:

1. For The Interested

This is the first curated newsletter I subscribed to and also the one the look forward most in my inbox.

I signed up after reading Josh Spector’s blog post 100 Things To Publish In The Next 100 Days To Grow Your Audience (bookmark this one, it’s life-changing), and started my own as a result.

Every Sunday, you’ll receive 5 pieces of content that help you write, grow, and monetize from your newsletter.

If you should subscribe to only newsletter on this list, go for this one. You’re not alone, there’s other 30,000 enthusiastic creators to keep you company.

Check it out here.

Must-read: The Secrets of Successful Creators — 256 proven trategies by the world’s most successful creators combined in 137-ebook all for FREE!

2. Letterstack

Letterstack is started by Paul Metcalfe, founder of letterstack.co — a huge resources of articles, communities, directories you ever need to start a newsletter. It is now under the new ownership of Kyle Steinmeyer.

Once signed up, you’ll actionable ideas, tools and resources in a compact Wednesday email.

Recent issues contains:

Check it out here.

Must-read: The Secrets of Successful Creators — 256 proven trategies by the world’s most successful creators combined in 137-ebook all for FREE!

3. Grow getter

If you haven’t read Codie’s How I Got My First 10,000+ subscribers in 30 days, check it out after this. The story seems incredible and not many creators will be able to scale at the impressive rate, there’s a ton of lesson to be drawn from it.

Grow Getter is a newsletter by Codie, Olman, and Ilona which “breaks down the best hacks to help you scale your newsletters” once a week.

For example, recent issues contains tips to how to pick a niche for your newsletter and gain subs from Instagram.

Like joining 3000+ newsletter creators for the upcoming 12th issue?

Check it out here.

Must-read: The Secrets to Picking Your Newsletter Niche

4. Newsletter Crew

Newsletter Crew newsletter updates you with their latest podcasts twice a week.

On Monday, there’s an interview with a successful newsletter creator. On Friday, an interview with one of the Crew members. All packed with actionable insights to build, run, grow, and monetize your newsletter.

Where else to learn about the newsletter than from the best people from the industry?

Must-listen: Getting your newsletter in front of an audience — Nic Getkate shares a step-to-step to grow The Slice to 1000 subscribers by building in public.

Check it out here.

Bonus tip: If you want more insider tips and access to AMAs, Private forums and chats with the best newsletter creator, you can also join Newsletter Crew Membership. (I’m one of the Crew myself, but this is not an affiliate link. This is one of the best newsletter creator group you could ever join).

5. Brain Pint

Brainpint is an exception of the list. It’s not mainly focused on growing your newsletter.

The thing is Janel, creator of the newsletter, combed through 150+ articles per week to bring you the most interesting reads, tools and learning resources.

Many of which will help you grow a newsletter.

For example, I find in the recent issue the articles/tools

  • Building the Middle Class of the Creator Economy
  • The Ultimate Guide to Unbundling Reddit
  • Reply Chat button for your website.
  • What To Tweet — A Tweet Generator.

Check it out here.

Must-read: How Janel went from no audience to launching newsletter OS within 5 months by building in public

How to make the most of these newsletters?

1. Subscribe to 2–3 newsletters.

Unless you write a newsletter for creators, don’t subscribe to all. You’ll get lost in the sea of resources and contradicting ideas. Pick a few good letters that resonates with you most and let the rest go.

2. Use Pocket to save articles they recommend.

Don’t read the newsletter as it arrives. Block out time to go through the newsletters. As you read, don’t dive into the articles/podcasts you’re interested in yet. Save it to a place like Pocket and read from there.

Reasons for using Pocket:

  • Read later to focus on the current task.
  • Consume articles from undistracted view.
  • Highlight 3 key ideas for each article you read.
  • Add tags for your archived reads.
  • Use these curations for your newsletter.

3. Take action

Spend time exploring the resources but don’t get in the rabbit hole of consuming. Consume deliberately, then pick one strategy to test it out. Stick to it. Don’t get distracted by other strategies.

That’s it for the week. Is there any newsletter in the list you’re subscribing to? What’s your experience with it? Share with me in the comment session below.

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I write about writing, mindful living, and self-improvement topics | https://mindyourbite.substack.com/about

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